What is Topsoil Made Of?

January 17, 2020



Topsoil is the layer of soil that prevails on the surface of the earth,

typically up to 8 inches or more depending on conditions. It is ripe

with microorganisms, organic matter and nutrients that feed plants.

Most plants do not extend their roots lower than the layer of topsoil,

for it is there that they derive their nutrition. Topsoil contains 13

essential nutrients to feed plants. They dissolve in water and are

absorbed by plants’ roots.

What Topsoil is Made of?

These 13 nutrients certainly make up a part of the composition of

topsoil, but there are many other elements to it. Good topsoil

contains an abundance of broken down organic matter. As plants,

vegetables and anything else organic dies, it slowly decays, and the

nutrients are returned to the topsoil from where it came. Subsoil or

the layer directly below topsoil, consists of hard-packed dirt and

clay. It is largely unsuitable for anything organic except for large

tree roots. Other elements of topsoil include sand, manure of

various types and very small pieces of rock and stone. Its

composition varies based on location, for topsoil is not the same



Organic matter, microorganisms, nutrients, sand, manure, rock and

clay can all be detected in topsoil as can water, one of its most

diffuse yet important elements.

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