Spring cleaning your Hot tub

February 12, 2023


Draining a Hot tub can be as simple as pulling a plug and re filling… but is this really the best way to take care of your outdoor oasis?

We do not drive our cars forever without changing the oil so why would we use our hot tubs forever without a fresh start!

At Peterborough Landscape Supply we service ALL makes and models of hot tubs/ swim spas. its very easy for us to identify when a customer has looked after their spa and used a hot tub cleaner compared to the ones who have not.

There truly is a NIGHT and DAY DIFFERENCE.

Using a jet line cleaner is very simple and can make the world the difference for your pump motors and jet lines.


BEFORE you drain your spa simply pull out your filters,  pour half a bottle of Marquis Jet line cleaner, A packet of Oust, or an aqua check spa puck into your hot tub, and let it run for 24-48 hours.

*** it is very important to not get into the hot tub once you have used one of these products!***

The cleaner then goes to work cleaning all the gunk and bacteria build up in all the lines and pumps that you can not clean by hand, bringing the interiors of the hot tub back to its original state. All this while you go about your day.

After the 24-48 hour period simply drain your hot tub or swim spa like you normally would.

Re fill your hot tub **through your filter canister – to prevent an airlock**

and enjoy your spa for years to come!

Wether your hot tub is in the heart of Peterborough or at the cottage anywhere in the Kawartha’s, if you have any questions or need any assistance with your hot tub or chemicals give us a call at 705-749-1428 and one of our Peterborough Landscape Supply hot tub experts would be happy to assist you!

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