February 22, 2021
Peonies are some of the most beautiful flowers that exist! They are fabulously fragrant and sophisticated with their romantic beauty. They bloom every spring for about two weeks; they are therefore a seasonal delight and only reveal their beauty once per year. When they are in full bloom, they have fragrant and beautifully formed flowers!
Every year, many people look forward to having their bouquet of peonies, to which they are entitled only once per year, simply because they have such a short flowering period. This romantic and majestic flower will make wonderful bouquets of wedding flowers.
Peonies grow anywhere in any condition, with the exception of very shady places where they may not flower. The quality of the soil does not matter either, otherwise, a clay soil would be perfect. They do not need watering or special care. They prefer to “fend for themselves”.
Very abundant and easily cultivated, peonies come from the mountains of the Himalayas. They grow there in some of the most extreme conditions, but that does not prevent them from flourishing! They grow in the recesses of the mountains and bloom abundantly!
If there are flowers not to be missed during the period from May to June, it would be peonies. You will be amazed by their beauty, their colours, and their rich forms, and delighted by their delicate and subtle fragrance. Plant peonies and gather smiles and happiness!
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