5 Person Hot Tub - 36 JETS

The V84L five-person hot tub assures you and your friends are going to blast off in this dynamic spa. Easily find your perfect therapy seat, plus a Commander’s Lounge to provide head-to-toe relief. A total of 35 Jetpods, a thundering Whitewater-4 jet, and four V3 Throttle Control valves give you the command you require.

Standard V84L Hot Tub features include:

  • Four Specialized Massage Seats
  • One standard massage seat
  • One cooldown seat/step
  • Interchangeable Jetpods with stainless steel trim
  • V-O-L-T™ system high-flow therapy
  • Four V3 Throttle Control valves
  • ConstantClean™ with SmartClean™

Also, see our V84, a six-person hot tub with 36 Jetpods with the V-O-L-T system deliver a customized massage.

Product Specifications
Size 84" x 84" x 36"
Capacity/Seating 5
Jets 36
Pumps 2 pumps = 320 GPM
Electrical 60Hz: 240V/30A/50A
Filtration 2 Filters
Water Capacity 340 Gallons
Weight Dry/Full 700/3539 lbs