Hot Tub Therapy

Marquis Hot Tubs provide relaxation and quality time spent with family and friends. But did you know our unique flow technology makes us the ‘go-to’ hot tub for hydrotherapy and hydromassage? Our tubs feature an amazing assortment of massage configurations. These configurations range from designs that mimic ‘Swedish’ massages through to ‘Sports’ massages and on to ‘Deep Tissue’ massage. It’s all about moving high volumes of water at lower pressures through our nozzles and it’s the Marquis difference, making us the ultimate choice for hot tub therapy and massage.Hot Tub Therapy Jets of the Vector 21 Series

Marquis Hot Tubs have received accolades from medical professionals around the globe. Our superior hydrotherapy qualities are vital for those suffering from life-threatening ailments. In fact, we’re the chosen hot tub for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. While many manufacturers promote ‘big horsepower’ motors and ‘ultra-high pressure’ jets, we believe in a different approach. High water pressure against the skin can create that ‘pins and needles’ uncomfortable feeling. Our ‘high volume, low pressure’ approach creates a more soothing massage while moving incredible amounts of water through the tub’s jets.

Why do we obsess over this? Hydrotherapy and Hydromassage have proven to improve blood circulation (lower blood pressure), reduce muscle tension, aid in injury recovery and promote relaxation and better sleep. Those aches and pains of everyday life seem to just float away as you unwind in your new Hot Tub.

Whether you’re a family looking for some quality time, a couple wanting some peace and relaxation, Kawartha cottagers wanting some extra fun at the lake, or an athlete looking for serious muscle massage before you buy a hot tub, be sure to learn why Marquis Hot Tubs are considered the ultimate in Hydrotherapy.