The Monaco Elite

5 Person Hot Tub - 23 JETS

monaco elite hot tub

The Monaco Elite Hot Tub accommodates a party of five. This throwback to the round hot tub days has a generous lounge with jets from neck to feet, two deep therapy seats with full-back therapy, and two bucket seats. With the convenient 120-volt plug-and-play system, you can place it just about anywhere. Stainless steel jet faces and foam-over plumbing are standard.

Available Monaco Elite Hot Tub options include

*Optional 240V Performance Upgrade available (USA and Canada only):

This optional upgrade replaces the standard 120 GPM (454 LPM) pump with a higher flow rate of 160 GPM (606 LPM) pump. In addition, it upgrades the minimum electrical service requirements to 240-volts and 30 amps and is also compatible with 50 amp service. Contact your local Marquis Dealer for more information.

Product Specifications
Size 80" dia x 36"
Capacity/Seating 5/5
Jets 23
Pumps 1 pump = 120 or 160 GPM
Electrical 60Hz: 120V/15A or 240V/30A/50A
Filtration 1 Filter
Water Capacity 250 Gallons
Weight Dry/Full 500/2590 lbs