Dimensions                       87”x87”x36”

Weight (filled)                    4497LBS

Weight (dry)                       749LBS
Seating capacity                       7
Seated place                              7
Lounge chair                             0
Jet count                                    82
Jet count water+air                 64
Jet count air                              18
Pump 1                                 4HP/7BHP
Pump 2                                 4HP/7BHP         
Pump 3                                 4HP/7BHP
Pump 4                                 1HP/  air
With 7 comfortable places, the O782 model is ideal to accommodate a large group of people. Its three  4HP pumps and its blower generate terrific power that will leave no one unsatisfied. Its 82 jets and its distribution valve that can concentrate the power on a specific station will procure you tonic and deep massages. The O782 factory comes with the Vulcano jet to massage specific area such as the lumbar, hips or arms. However, this would be useless without its high-performance thermal insulation that makes it a great Canadian spa!