Dimensions                      87”x87”x36”

Seating capacity                       6
Seated place                              5
Lounge chair                             1
Jet count                                    47
Pump 1                                 4HP/7BHP
Pump 2                                 4HP/7BHP
Pump 3                                 1HP/  air
Air control                                 3

O647 model with a 2-speed massage pump and an air pump (blower), is the ideal spa for a large family who wants to enjoy moments of conviviality. The 2 pumps that equip it offer a pleasant massage and the great diversity of its places will never get bored in this spa.

The O665 is a balanced and versatile spa. With 2 pumps 4HP and an air pump (blower), it is able to dispense a powerful and complete massage, each place having a different configuration of jets. It is a perfect spa for a large family and athletes who want to get a quick recovery will say thank you. Insulated with high-performance materials

The O681 model is an ideal spa to accommodate a large group, with 6 comfortable seats. Equipped with 3 massage pumps and a blower, its power is formidable. Its 81 jets will give you a tonic and deep massage. Thanks to its powerful Vulcano jet, you can concentrate the power of the jet on a specific area such as the lower back, hips or arms.

Very cold thermal insulation, efficient massages, first-rate equipment: it is indeed a Made in Quebec spa!