ULTRA SHADES Turf production in shade is a significant challenge. Most plants need sunlight, even the components of Ultra Shade. While tolerant to reduced light, they still have a minimum requirement to carry on photosynthesis. The grasses included in Ultra Shade will produce a dominant fescue turf. This will consist of fine, bristle-like leaves that can become very dense. Generally, a series of seedings over 2- 5 years may be necessary to obtain satisfactory results and an acceptable turf. Mow at a higher cutting height for best results. Use in areas with restricted sunlight (50% – 70% Reduced Sunlight). Compounding the problem of good turf in shade are factors including: Dry soils, Restricted air movement, Period of grass smothering while leaves are lying on grass, and fertility requirements that are lower than for other turfs (Nitrogen at 1.5 kg/100m²).