Safers Rose & Flower Insecticide RTU 1L

Made of selected soaps that kill major insect pest of roses and flowers on contact. Insects must be sprayed directly to achieve control. Spray stems and both leaf surfaces thoroughly.


APHIDS: Spray on first sighting, with special attention to young shoots and buds where aphids congregate. Repeat weekly as required.

SOFT BROWN SCALE: Crawlers are killed on contact. Since hatching of crawlers is staggered, 2-3 applications may be required to control scales. Spray at 7-10 day intervals as necessary.

SPIDER MITES: When mites appear, spray every 5-7 days. Also mist foliage daily with water until mite control is achieved.

PSYLLIDS: Spray foliage on first sighting and repeat as required.

ROSE SLUGS (SAWFLY LARVAE): When insects appear, spray both leaf surfaces to achieve control. Watch for a second generation and repeat application (usually within a few weeks of the first generation).

EARWIGS: Spray at night when insects are active to reduce numbers.