Safers De Moss Killer concentrate 1L

Kills moss quickly and effectively.

STRUCTURAL SURFACES: Mix 1 part concentrate to 20 parts of water or 50 mL concentrate per 1 L of water. Spray on overgrown surfaces, wetting thoroughly. Suggested dosage: up to 550mL spray solution per square metre surface. For best results avoid applying during rain or snow. Repeat treatments annually, or at onset of moss recolonization. Moss sprayed during the growing season should discolour within days of application. Growth sprayed during dormant (cold) season may discolour over a longer period.


For tank sprayers mix 1 part concentrate to 32 parts water or 32 mL of concentrate per 1 L of water.

For hose-end sprayers such as Continental’s 575, use a No. 10 setting to deliver approximately 32 mL per litre.

Wet moss and grass before spraying. Spray infected areas thoroughly with spray solution to approximately 1 litre per square metre. Avoid overlapping spray to eliminate risk of grass damage. Water treated area 1/2 hour after spray application. Dead moss will turn colour after about 1 week and should be raked out. Any spots of living moss found after 4 weeks may be treated again.