Lawn Top dress

$64.99 / Yard

Introducing our premium WEED FREE Lawn Top Dress Soil, the ultimate solution for achieving a lush and healthy lawn. Specially formulated with highly organic nutrient-rich material, this top dress soil is perfect for seeding your lawn or enhancing its overall health and vitality.

Unlike other  soils on the market, our product does not clump or harden, making it incredibly easy to spread evenly across your lawn. Its dark, rich colour not only looks great but also serves as an indication of its nutrient density.

The lightweight nature of our Lawn Top Dress Soil allows for effortless spreading, while its optimum pH level ensures that your lawn is getting the right balance of nutrients. The soil’s excellent water holding and porosity properties promote healthy root growth and ensure that your lawn stays hydrated even during hot summer months.

Our Lawn Top Dress Soil is available for purchase at Peterborough Landscape Supply’s 2200 Keene Road location. We offer bulk quantities, bags, and delivery options to suit your needs. Say goodbye to lacklustre lawns and hello to a vibrant, healthy landscape with our premium Lawn Top Dress Soil.

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