Cubic yard vs Tonne when purchasing bulk product

February 11, 2023

Don’t be misled 

Some stores sell bulk products like, Lime stone, A-Gravel, Mulch, and even topsoil by weight. Although this sometimes can LOOK cheaper on paper, most of the time its more expensive!

A lot of people assume one ton is equivalent to one cubic yard but unfortunately this simply is just not the case.

For example

One cubic yard of A gravel( wet or dry) spread out at 1″ thick will cover an area of approx. 324 square feet

 there is approximately

1.3 tons in a cubic yard of A gravel.

One ton of A- gravel spread out at 1″ thick will only cover approx. 250 square feet

this tells us that if you had a ONE TON pile of gravel beside a ONE CUBIC YARD  pile of gravel. the one cubic yard would be 30% larger.


Most companies store their bulk material in bins out doors. Which means when the weather turns and the rain starts. A lot of these products will become saturated and start to absorb the water making it weigh even more!! only increasing the benefit of buying by the yard.


Peterborough Landscape Supply and Garden Center sells all of its bulk products like, Topsoil , Triple mix, Mulch , Decorative stone, Aggregate, Sands, Beach Sands. By the cubic yard and half yards.

The reason we do this is to be the most fair to our customers and to help ensure we deliver an accurate and consistent quantity which not only helps plan out your job but makes sure you have just the right amount of product every time to finish your job without having to buy more!

If you need help calculating how much product you need give us a call and let one of our experts do the math for you!


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