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Hot Tub Care

Buying a hot tub can be a big investment. But they sure are worth it. Maintaining a hot tub is super important for energy savings and overall experience when in use. We’ve put together some helpful tips so that a hot tub can be enjoyed years after purchase.

  • Simply check the water every couple of days to see how it looks.
  • Use eco-mode and turn the thermometer up half hour before you to get in to save energy. 101-104 degrees is comfortable on average)
  • Keep the chlorine and Ph level balanced
    • You can do this by using test strips twice a week.
    • Adjust the chemical levels after your compare the strip with the chart on the strip container.
  • Change the water every 3-6 months depending on usage.
  • The cover must fit tightly and shouldn’t have holes or scuffs. The better a cover insulates, the more energy costs will be cut. Conditioning the cover once a month will help prolong its life.
  • Adjust the chemicals in your tub by alphabetical order.
  • Wait two hours in between adding chemicals, and only add one at a time.
  • Only buy hot tub chemicals from trusted stores. You pay for what you get in this category.
  • It may seem like a lot of work to own a hot tub, but once you’ve gone for that after work soak, you know that it’s entirely worth it. If you have any other questions regarding our hot tubs or how to care for them, please contact us.