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All About Ponds

Ponds are a great way to get a natural feel to your property, especially if you’re in the city or suburbs. The types of ponds available are nearly endless. Ponds can do a lot more for you than just be pleasing to the eye. Some can make you feel like you’re on vacation by merely stepping into your own backyard. If you are deciding whether a pond is right for your property consider these questions:

  • How would it look from your house?
  • How easy is it to access electricity and water?
  • What amount of water will it hold?
  • Will a larger pond be easier to maintain for you?
  • What sounds and types of movement would you like?
  • Would it work on a slope?
  • What type of liner would you use, or would it be concrete?
  • Do you want it to hold fish?
  • Do you want to use chemicals or pond plants?
  • Have you considered underwater lights?

As you can tell, there are many things to consider when planning a pond. We’re more than happy to help you answer the questions above based on what you have in mind and your property type. Just give us a call and we’ll get you started!